If you have ever felt anxious about dental appointments, IV sedation may be the solution you have been looking for. IV sedation is a conscious sedation technique, which means you remain aware of your surroundings and can follow instructions provided by our dentist throughout the procedure.

Before administering IV sedation, you will have a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Reza Baharloo to discuss your medical history, dental needs and any other relevant factors. This personalized approach ensures that IV sedation is the most suitable option for your specific case.

IV sedation involves the delivery of medication directly into your bloodstream, leading to a rapid and profound state of relaxation. Rest assured, IV sedation is highly safe, and our dental team will closely monitor your vital signs throughout the entire treatment to ensure your wellbeing. Patients often describe the experience as if they have simply drifted off to sleep, with little recollection of the details of their procedure.

For your safety, it is crucial to arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home from our office, and we recommend having someone stay with you for a few hours until the effects of the medication have fully worn off.

If dental anxiety has been preventing you from seeking necessary dental care, IV sedation may be the answer to your concerns. Contact Orchard Dental Group today at 951-279-4333 to learn more about IV sedation in Corona, California, and schedule a consultation with our compassionate and skilled dentist. We are committed to providing you with a comfortable and stress-free dental experience. Your oral health is our top priority.