Most cases of TMJ disorders can be treated with a night guard, or with other nonsurgical approaches such as physical therapy or muscle relaxants. However, if your TMJ disorder is particularly severe or complex you may benefit from a surgical TMJ treatment. Our oral surgeon will assess your mouth and jaw to determine if a surgical procedure is right for your needs. Please keep in mind that a surgical TMJ procedure is typically considered as the last resort due to their invasive nature and the permanent nature of their results.

You might be a candidate for surgical TMJ treatment if you experience:

  • Consistent, intense pain or tenderness when moving your mouth.
  • Difficulty in fully opening or closing your mouth.
  • Trouble with basic activities like eating or drinking due to pain or limited mobility.
  • Worsening symptoms, even after trying various other treatments.
  • Structural issues or diseases affecting your jaw joint.

To determine if surgical treatment is the right course of action for you, our experienced oral surgeon will conduct a thorough examination and discuss your options. Some of the surgical procedures that may be considered include:

  • Arthrocentesis: A minimally invasive procedure involving small needles to irrigate the joint, removing debris and inflammatory byproducts.
  • Injections: Injectable medications like BOTOX® or corticosteroids may be used to relieve discomfort and enhance jaw function.
  • TMJ Arthroscopy: This involves the insertion of a thin tube into the joint space, enabling a closer look and surgical intervention using specialized instruments. It carries fewer risks compared to open-joint surgery.
  • Modified Condylotomy: A procedure addressing TMJ indirectly, involving surgery on the lower jaw to alleviate pain and jaw locking.
  • Open-Joint Surgery: Reserved for structural issues, this procedure involves repairing or replacing the TMJ joint itself.

Post-surgery, our team will provide detailed recovery instructions to ensure a smooth return to your daily life.

If you believe surgical TMJ treatment in Corona, California, may be necessary for you, please do not hesitate to contact Orchard Dental Group at 951-279-4333. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Sharobieam, and we will guide you through the process, helping you find relief from TMJ-related discomfort and immobility. Your comfort and wellbeing are our top priorities.