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Sue, a dedicated and accomplished Account Manager, has been an invaluable part of our dental practice since August 1st, 2017. With a strong educational background, she holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Shilaz and another in Accounting and Finance from the University of Houston. Sue’s passion for numbers and attention to detail make her an exceptional asset to our team.

What sets Sue apart is her genuine love for working with people. She finds immense joy in collaborating with our friendly staff and contributing to the positive atmosphere of our practice. Sue’s commitment extends beyond her role as she diligently manages all her accounts and fosters relationships with the necessary companies for the practice’s seamless operation. Outside the office, Sue cherishes her role as a wife and mother to two handsome boys. Her nurturing spirit extends to her hobbies, as she delights in cooking, baking, and gardening during her leisure time, bringing the same care and precision to her personal pursuits as she does to her professional responsibilities.


Office Manager

Meet Lisa, the heart and soul of Orchard Dental as our dedicated Office Manager! Joining the practice in 2021, Lisa brings with her a legacy of academic excellence and a commitment to creating a warm and welcoming environment for both staff and patients.

Lisa’s journey in leadership began with her outstanding academic achievements, landing her a spot on the honor roll and the prestigious title of senior of the year. Her commitment to excellence and leadership qualities have seamlessly translated into her role as our Office Manager.

For Lisa, being part of the Orchard Dental family is not just a job; it’s a source of pride and joy. She wholeheartedly embraces the sense of camaraderie that defines our practice, contributing to the success of the team with her infectious smiles and unwavering dedication. In her role, Lisa is the welcoming face that sets the tone for every patient’s experience. Her commitment to providing a positive and inviting environment is reflected in every interaction, fostering a sense of comfort and ease for all who walk through our doors.

Beyond the office, Lisa has a diverse range of interests that mirror her vibrant personality. A football enthusiast, her love for the outdoors comes alive through activities like fishing and camping, where she finds solace in nature. Lisa cherishes quality time with her family and is known to enjoy the lively atmosphere of Vegas and the thrill of a good game of bingo.

Lisa’s multifaceted contributions, from managing the office with efficiency to infusing positivity into the work environment, make her an invaluable asset to Orchard Dental. We are fortunate to have Lisa steering our practice toward continued success and creating a space where patients feel not only cared for but truly welcomed.


Treatment Coordinator

Introducing Kelli, our dedicated treatment coordinator who brings over a decade of experience and a warm, family-oriented spirit to Orchard Dental. Joining our team in December 2023, Kelli earned her dental assistant certification in 2010 from American Career College, showcasing her commitment to excellence in patient care.

What Kelli values most about being part of our practice is the close-knit and supportive environment. For her, the camaraderie among colleagues transforms the workplace into a welcoming, family-like space. Her proficiency in practice management software has proven instrumental, adding a layer of efficiency and expertise to our team.

Beyond her professional contributions, Kelli embraces the joys of family life. In 2023, she celebrated both marriage and the arrival of her daughter. In her leisure time, Kelli finds joy in various pursuits such as baking, exploring local breweries, and experimenting with new beer flavors. Her creative side extends to arts and crafts, reflecting a passion for expression and ingenuity.

Kelli is a devoted Los Angeles Chargers fan! Alongside her husband and daughter, she loves discovering new places and expanding her horizons. Kelli’s adventurous spirit extends to her love for travel and cruises, where she relishes exploring new destinations and creating lasting memories with her loved ones.

In all aspects of her life, Kelli embodies the values of dedication, warmth, and a commitment to creating positive experiences. We are fortunate to have her as an integral part of Orchard Dental, contributing not only to the success of our practice but also to the sense of community that defines us.


Treatment Coordinator

Meet Maria, our esteemed Treatment Coordinator, bringing a wealth of expertise and dedication to Orchard Dental Group since November 2023. A proud graduate of Zupanic High School, Maria holds UEI certification in medical billing and coding, showcasing her commitment to excellence in healthcare administration.

What Maria cherishes most about her role at our practice is the personalized and attentive care each patient receives. With a passion for ensuring that patients never feel overwhelmed, she thrives in creating an environment where undivided attention to each patient is a standard. Maria’s proficiency in medical billing and coding allows her to leverage her skills and abilities to their fullest potential, contributing significantly to the seamless operation of our practice.

Beyond her professional achievements, Maria is a devoted mother to four wonderful children, three boys and one girl. In her leisure time, Maria finds joy in connecting with nature through hikes and outdoor adventures with her kids.

Maria’s presence at Orchard Dental Group embodies a commitment to excellence, compassionate patient care, and a genuine passion for creating positive experiences. We are privileged to have her as an integral part of our team, contributing to the success and warm atmosphere that defines our practice.



Jeanette, a highly appreciated member of our dental practice since 2023, holds an enriched background in dental studies, having graduated in 2009. Jeanette finds immense pleasure in her role, especially while interacting with diverse clients, familiarizing herself with compelling life stories that add more depth to her profession and the way she approaches every case. Through supreme dedication and an empathetic approach towards all, Jeanette significantly contributes towards the success of our practice while constantly fostering a trusting bond with the patients. Passionate about hiking and dancing in her leisure time, Jeanette incorporates the same zest and valor in serving her patients, ensuring they are comfortable and at ease during their visits.


Dental Assistant

Meet Wendy, an integral part of Orchard Dental’s esteemed team, proudly serving as a dedicated Dental Assistant. Wendy joined our practice in 2021, bringing with her experience and a genuine passion for providing top-notch dental care.

Wendy’s journey in the dental field began in 2003 when she attended Bryman College, laying the foundation for her exceptional skills and knowledge. What sets Wendy apart is her deep appreciation for the collaborative and supportive atmosphere at Orchard Dental. She considers herself fortunate to be part of the best dental team, where everyone is dedicated to excellence in patient care.

In her role, Wendy brings tremendous value to our practice by consistently delivering high-quality dental care to all patients. Her commitment to providing personalized and compassionate service contributes to the overall success and reputation of Orchard Dental.

Beyond the office, Wendy finds joy in her roles as a loving spouse and mother to three wonderful children. Her commitment to family extends to her hobbies, where she enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones. Wendy’s active lifestyle includes pursuits such as hiking and cycling, reflecting her enthusiasm for both physical wellness and outdoor adventures.

With Wendy’s talent, warm personality, and dedication to patient care, Orchard Dental is privileged to have her as a key member of our team. Her contributions truly enhance the overall excellence of our practice.