Dental fillings play a crucial role in modern dentistry, serving as a solution to repair teeth that have suffered from decay, minor fractures or chipping. These restorations help restore the tooth’s original structure and function, ensuring that your smile remains healthy and vibrant. There are primarily two types of dental fillings commonly used: amalgam fillings and composite fillings. Composite, or tooth-colored fillings, are increasingly common as they match the natural color of your teeth and provide you with a more aesthetic solution for your smile.

The process of getting a dental filling is a relatively simple and comfortable procedure that typically requires just one visit to our dentist. Here is what you can expect during the process:

  • Assessment: Our dentist will first examine your tooth to determine the extent of damage and the type of filling that would be most suitable for your specific case.
  • Preparation: The damaged or decayed portion of the tooth will be carefully removed, ensuring that all traces of decay are eliminated. This step is essential to prevent further progression of dental issues.
  • Filling Placement: Once the tooth is cleaned and prepared, our dentist will place the filling material, shaping it to match the contours of your natural tooth.
  • Hardening: To ensure the longevity of the restoration, the filling material is hardened using a specialized light or chemical process.

Dental fillings not only restore the health and function of your teeth but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your smile. If you have a decayed or damaged tooth, a dental filling may be the ideal solution.

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