Tooth sensitivity is a common dental issue, and often causes those with this problem to experience discomfort and pain when their teeth are exposed to hot, cold, sweet or acidic substances, as well as cold air. Tooth sensitivity typically occurs when the outer tooth enamel is worn down, exposing the dentin, or underlying layers of the tooth. Dentin is softer than enamel and contains the microscopic tubules that lead to the tooth nerves.

There are several factors which can contribute to tooth sensitivity, including:

  • Bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching)
  • Overaggressive brushing
  • Tooth decay
  • Cracked teeth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Genetics

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, please make an appointment with our experienced dentist. Dr. Reza Baharloo will examine your mouth to determine the cause of your sensitivity and can provide treatments to reduce sensitivity and improve your comfort levels. Here at Orchard Dental Group, we often recommend treating sensitive teeth with the GLUMA® desensitizer.

GLUMA offers fast and effective relief from discomfort and sensitivity. This topical desensitizer can be applied quickly and comfortably, and works to create protein layers within the dentin tubules to block the transmission of pressure to your tooth nerves. GLUMA also provides a seal that acts as a microbial barrier for the teeth. Benefits of GLUMA desensitizer include:

  • One-step placement! No agitation or light curing is needed. GLUMA is easy to use and saves time in the office.
  • Universally compatible – GLUMA can be used with all bonding and restorative materials, as well as with all types of restorations.
  • Economical – one drop of GLUMA is all that is needed!

In addition to GLUMA desensitizer, our dentist may also recommend a few other steps to protect your teeth, such as:

  • Fluoride treatment
  • Deep dental cleanings
  • Restorative treatments
  • Night guards
  • Toothpaste for sensitive teeth
  • Changes to your oral hygiene routine

We will discuss all your options with you to create a treatment plan that meets your needs and promotes your long-term oral health.

To learn more about treating sensitive teeth in Corona, California, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Baharloo, call our office today at 951-279-4333.